What is tapouts?

tapouts at it's core.

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The Program πŸ“–

The tapouts program is designed to equip children and teens with the skills they need to thrive in today's world. By teaching kids social-emotional skills, confidence, growth mindsets, resilience and healthy habits, the program empowers kids to navigate life's challenges with ease, bounce back stronger from setbacks and in conclusion live their best lives unimpeded by mental health conditions.

Fun & Excitement πŸ₯³

Imposing excitement and fun throughout the program is at the core of tapouts. We believe that fostering valuable life skills in children and teens works best in an environment driven by collective fun and excitement for a journey of learning and resilience building accompanied by new friends. By incorporating videos, games, challenges and rewards, we ensure kids have genuine fun and remain excited about their weekly session at all times. Once the fun and excitement is established, we found kids to be much more receptive to new learnings and willing to apply those to real life.

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