Sign-Up Process

How to sign up for tapouts.

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In order to Sign-Up for the tapouts program, begin by completing the free assessment on our website. The free assessment allows you to share information about your child, including their specific needs. Our Program team carefully reviews every assessment to ensure we find the right support group for them. Occasionally, the program team might ask you to schedule a follow-up call with us to discuss your child's needs further.

Free Assessment Process

  1. Share your child's name and age.

  2. Share what you are hoping tapouts to help your child with.

  3. Answer simple questions about your child's behavior at school and at home.

  4. Share any physical, emotional or mental health conditions we should be aware of.

  5. Confirm your email.

  6. Choose your preferred weekly session schedule, including a backup choice.

  7. Provide your payment details to secure a free trial session.

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